Wealth Management Consultative Process

The Wealth Management Consultative Process is our collaborative, holistic, and systematic approach for identifying and resolving a client’s unique financial challenges over a long-term basis.  Our firm believes that in order to do wealth management well, we must effectively and reliably deliver in three areas:

  • Investment consulting
  • Advanced planning
  • Relationship management

Investment consulting addresses a client’s top concern: preserving their wealth.  Advanced planning targets the four primary financial concerns of a client beyond investment consulting:

  • Wealth enhancement (mitigating taxes)
  • Wealth transfer (taking care of heirs)
  • Wealth protection (ensuring assets are not unjustly taken)
  • Charitable giving (maximizing the impact of contributions)

Relationship management first involves thoroughly understanding our clients.  This means comprehending not just their financial goals and challenges, but who they truly are as people, including their most important values and motivations.  We gain this understanding through our dynamic discovery process.  The other component of relationship management is skillfully managing a team of tax, legal, and insurance experts in a collaborative fashion to provide and implement financial solutions optimally suited for our client.