Five-Step Process

In order to uncover a client’s true financial issues and have a systematic method for addressing them, our firm utilizes a five-step, time-tested consultative process. 

  • The Discovery Meeting is the foundation to this process.  We ask a series of questions in order to ascertain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of you and your life, including your values and goals. 
  • We begin the Investment Plan Meeting by presenting a summary of where you currently are, where you would like to go, and the gaps that separate the two.  We then deliver our firm's investment plan, which is our proposal for bridging the gaps and enabling you to reach your goals. 
  • The Mutual Commitment Meeting is where we assess if our firm is in a position to make a large impact on your life.  Should we decide to work together, we execute the necessary documents and commit to taking the steps that will maximize the probability that you will achieve all that is important to you.  

  • At the 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting, we help you make sense of all the paperwork that you have received to-date and address any investment-related questions.  Then, we provide instruction for accessing, navigating, and making the best use of our online client portal.  
  • Our first priority for the Regular Progress Meeting is to identify if there are any changes in your life that may call for us to adjust your investment plan.  Next, we assess your progress in achieving key goals, including the prioritized implementation of your advanced plan.