Evidence-Based Investing

Universal Advisory Services seeks to deliver a great investment experience for our clients.  We believe that the foundation for executing this is our evidence-based approach to investing.  Rooted in scientific research, our investment philosophy focuses on the things that we can control and will improve the likelihood over the long-term that our clients achieve their goals.  

Empirical data indicate that increasing exposure to certain market factors can increase an investor’s expected return over time.  For example, leading academic minds in the fields of finance and economics have produced research showing that an investor’s expected return is enhanced by increasing a portfolio’s equity exposure to companies that are small, high in profits, and low in relative price.  While there may be cordial debate among these luminaries as to why, these factors clearly have been shown to be statistically significant and provide strong evidence for delivering higher future investment returns.

Other important investment considerations that we can control when building, implementing, and maintaining a client investment portfolio include:

  • Keeping investment expenses low
  • Ensuring global diversification
  • Remaining disciplined and avoiding market timing
  • Working with the client to make informed choices about asset allocation and asset location  

While every client may be different, our approach toward delivering the right portfolio for each client is rigorous and consistent:

  • Work extensively to gather both quantitative and qualitative client data in order to truly understand our client’s risk profile (willingness and ability to take investment risk)
  • Utilize sophisticated Monte Carlo software as well as a technology based upon behavioral finance to help us identify the ideal combination of portfolio assets for reaching our client’s goals
  • Maximize “tax alpha” by allocating particular assets to IRAs and others to taxable brokerage accounts in order to increase tax efficiency
  • Determine optimal market factor exposures for enhancing a client’s investment return while remaining true to their risk profile